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  • A WEB SITE for Rental Homeowners
    • View Rental & Property Activity:
      • Owner Statements
        • Year-To-Date
        • Most Recent Month
        • Last Year's Full 12 Month
      • Work Orders / Maintenance Tickets
        • Currently OPEN Work Orders
        • Completed Work Orders
          (unbilled, for the current year)
        • Completed & Billed
          (in the current year)
      • Reservation & Room Blocks
        • List of Bookings & Room Blocks (beginning of year + one year forward)
        • OPTIONAL: owner booking search page for those clients with Online Booking
        • OPTIONAL: property availability calendars for those clients with it
    • Company News and Information:
      • A News and FAQs Site
      • Provide online links and resources for owners
      • Post documents for owners to download
        • Word Documents
        • SpreadSheets
        • PDF Files
        • Newsletters, contracts, images, ballots, questionaires, etc.
    • Protected Access for Owners:
      • Password protected web access
      • Optional password termination based on date (e.g. password expires after 12/31/2004)
      • Seperate logins for multiple owners of units
  • A Software Utility
    • Software That Interacts With First Resort's DOS PMS Software (e.g. avmain.exe)
      • Windows 95,98,Me,2000,NT,XP Compatible Client Program
      • Disk Space Usage between 10Mb to 60Mb (depending on company size)
    • Automated Unattended / Timed Updates
      • Exports Dynamic Data From First Resort
        • Reservation Report
        • Owner Statements (rental income & charges)
        • Work Orders (pending, completed, billed)
      • Flexible Scheduling: Daily or Hourly (you decide)
      • Launch it and forget it. Runs 24 Hours, 7 Days per Week.
      client side taskbar utility
    • Simple to use text editor & file transfer software
      • Quick updates to web site pages for novices (i.e. managers)
      • Easy transfer (FTP) of local files to web site
      • NOTE: Full FTP access is available for more complex page creation
      • Other convenient tools for site administration
  • The Benefits
    • Timely delivery of information to owners
      • Owners can view daily changes to their accounts
      • Resource for owners to stay current with company news
      • Distribution point for documents you share with owners (blank contracts, newsletters, etc)
    • Showing owners you're thinking of them
      • When was the last time you added an owner service?
      • Do your owner's feel they're paying more and getting less?
      • Maybe your owners have been asking for something like this? Maybe not? But in either case it is highly likely they're going to enjoy this new service!
    • Gain an advantage over your competitors
      • Attract new owners by offering something your competition can't
      • Retain more owners by offering something they can't get elsewhere
    • Reduce staff time & office expenses (postage, less calls, emails, faxes)
      • Reduce the calls from owners and free up staff
      • Reduce reprints of statements and reports
      • Reduce Postage, Calls to/from Owners, Emails and Faxes
      • Work towards a "paperless" month end process
        • Let owners "opt out" of receiving paper statements
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Is this a new module from First Resort?
      • NO. This is an independent program produced independantly.
    • Do I need to purchase or install any new modules?
      • NO. The program requires only the standard DOS (avmain.exe) Property Mgt Software.
        (With Work Order Module for showing Maintenance Tickets)
    • Can I buy this (or something similar) from First Resort?
      • NO. To our knowledge, they offer nothing comparable nor as comprehensive at this time.
    • Can I take off the "Pending Work Orders" section?
      • YES. If there is something on the site you DON'T want to show your homeowners, it can be removed OR possibly modified. In the case of Maintenance Work Orders, that form can be modified to show (or not show) only the data you desire.
    • Will it "mess" with my First Resort Software files?
      • NO. The best way to think of it is that the Owner Web software utility "piggy backs" on top of the First Resort program. It accesses data just as any user would and does not compromise the multi-user, file sharing & locking mechanism inherit in their program.
    • Is it hard to setup?
      • NO. If you can provide remote access into your computer system, (e.g. PCAnywhere, Remote Terminal) we'll install everything remotely. Probably within an hours time. If not, it may take a bit longer to talk someone through the setup over the phone.
    • Do I need new hardware for this to run?
      • NO. You will need to designate one PC (workstation) to run the software 24/7. Any class of computer on your network should be capable of running the software. (e.g. if it can run First Resort's Software, it should be able to run).
    • Can I use my own web server or do I need to use yours?
      • Not likely.
        For site maintenance and to ensure the consistancy in the password controls you'll need to use the "ownerstatements.com" site. You'll be provided with a "vanity" domain of your choice, such as "ABCrealty.ownerstatements.com" or "beachrentals.ownerstatements.com". Or, arrangements can be made to host a unique domain on the "ownerstatements.com" server. (e.g. "ABCrealtystatements.com")
    • Do I have to change the way I use First Resort now?
      • NO. Keep on using your software the way you normally would.
    • Can the Owner Web Site use my logos and color schemes?
      • YES. Included in the price, is the customization of color schemes & graphics to match your companies "identity".
    • Can owners get into my office computers?
      • NO. The information owners see is "pushed" to the external website at regular intervals of your chosing. They are NOT connected to your inhouse computers.
    • How often should I upload new information?
      • That is up to you. You can have updates occur regularly every so many hours... OR.. you can manually do it (e.g. only update when you chose to). But we would suggest daily (say at 4:00am) updates.
    • Is this it or are you working on more features?
      • This is a new product just released in the first quarter of 2004. As property manager and owner comments come in after using these sites, we fully expect to add enhancements. A few things presently on the "wish list" are:
        • Allowing owners to submit maintenance requests online
        • Easy ways for owners to create "photo galleries" for their public web pages
          (e.g. update digital images to their rental site pages)
  • Pricing
    • NEW! Month-to-Month price: $99.00
      • New pricing option beginning November 1st, 2006
      • NO SETUP fee!
      • NO long term contract.
    • One Time per "business code" price: $2900.00
      • Includes configuring web site with your company logo, color scheme, graphics etc.
      • Initial installation of software
      • Phone training and overview of Owner Web Interface
    • Annual Maintenance Fee (after year one): $290.00
      • Entitles you to all product updates
      • Allows you to submit "wish list" enhancements
        (no gaurantee they will be implemented)
      • Up to 29 hours of annual business hour phone support
  • Cost Justifications
    • How can you afford it? How can you NOT?
      • New Owner Acquisition
        • -If you pick up just one new owner/rental property by offering this new service....
          -And that ONE new property has modest rentals totally $20,000 in the first year....
          -And your management fee is 15% ....
          -You've just paid for it! $20,000 X 15% = $3000
      • Low Average Price per (existing) Owner
        • For a 100 Property Company the cost/owner is: $29.00
        • For a 150 Property Company the cost/owner is: $19.33
        • For a 200 Property Company the cost/owner is: $14.50
          • TIP: consider letting owners "subscribe" to this new feature at a modest $10/month.
            If just 25 owners sign on, each at $10, thats $3000/year (every year) of new revenue.
      • Prolong the value of your current PMS software
        • As the First Resort PMS product (avmain.exe) approaches its 20th birthday, many of you are shopping around and considering the purchase of new PMS software.
        • By enhancing the software you already have you can defer the cost of replacing an existing reliable platform. Which for many companies means deferring the financing expenses associated with new software and hardware purchases.
        • By extending the life of your existing software, you will undoubtably get more Hardware/Software for your money when the time does come to upgrade in the future... Thus saving you future costs!!
        • Defer the cost of re-training as well. Keep your current staff doing the functions they know best.
      • Reduced Office/Staff Expenses
        • -Lets assume that by purchasing the Owner Web Utility software you reduce staff time each day by just 1 hour.... (e.g. less calls (or shorter calls) to/from owners, less faxing of owner documents, less email correspondance, etc.)
          -Next assume you pay $12/hour to your staff....
          -At 5 hours/week... for 50 weeks... thats 250 hours per year....
          -250 hours X $12 /hour = $3000
        • And to be certain, there would be savings in Postage, Long Distance Calls & Faxing, Printer Ink, Toner and Stationary.
    • In case it's not OBVIOUS....
      • In case you missed it....
        Any ONE of the above items is cause enough to justify the expenditure for this product.
        But you get ALL the benefits stated above!
        • The greater protential of new owner acquisition
        • A NEW low cost/owner service
        • Deferred cost of replacing your current software!
        • Reduced Office/Staff Expense
  • Contact
    • Phone: 804-364-5335
    • Fax: 804-364-5335
    • Email: info@ownerstatements.com
    • Postal:
        Guest Technologies
        c/o OwnerStatements.com
        3420 Pump Road, #181
        Richmond, VA 23233
  • Owner Web Interface Software
  • sample screen showing an owner year to date statement OwnerStatements.com is a site dedicated to the creation of Owner Web sites for Property Management companies using First Resort Software's DOS based software (avmain.exe). With our Owner Web Interface you can automatically provide your rental homeowners with current & past financial, reservation, maintenance and informative information related to their specific properties and your company.

    Our easy to use software and intuitive web site makes the process of informing owners a breeze. Give owners access to their information 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. We invite you to have a look at the demo.
  • Demonstration
    • You will need to provide the following login:
      • User: demo
      • Password: demo
      • ID: demo
    • Begin Demonstration
  • Requirements
    • You will need to have the following:
      • First Resort Software's DOS Based (avmain.exe /any version) PMS Software
      • Microsoft Windows (95,98,Me, 2000, NT, XP) Workstation Attached to Local Network
        (Larger companies of 500+ properties may require Win2000, NT or XP)
      • 10Mb to 60Mb Disk Space
      • Full Time Internet Connection (any speed)
      • Maintenance Work Order Module (for that portion to be operational)
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